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Makie Transfer Decal

Types of Transfer Decal Decoration

Powder type

Provide the premium appearance and utilize various decorative techniques

  • LG Metal Powder

    LG Metal Powder

    Create the raised 3D effect to add thickness to the ink layer.
    Metal powder applied over printed ink by the highly skilled craftsmen’s handwork.
    Most popular color is our standard color LG No.N02

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  • Pearlescent Powder

    Pearlescent Powder

    Pearlescent Powder contains the same material’s particle of pearl coating using for automotive and applied by the same traditional technique. Provide fine texture and glossy appearance.
    Suitable for application in need of uniform color, it can suppress the feeling of glare than LG powder.

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  • TM Glass Particle Powder

    TM Glass Particle Powder

    Glass micro particle applied by the same traditional technique Reflects light strongly with high brightness and the color changes by light angle and a looking angle.
    Provide the unique brightness and gorgeous appearance

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Gold & Silver Foils

Provide premium look and utilize various decorative techniques

  • Gold & Silver Foil

    Gold & Silver Foil

    Develop original technique to apply the gold and silver foil on decal surface
    Special and luxury decorative impression with smooth metallic luster.
    Applying the metallic foil over raised ink layer is only one technology we have in the world. 3D texture of foil gives more premium appearance. Successfully developed new type of foil with excellent in durability and light resistance

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  • Holographic Foil

    Holographic Foil

    Apply the different patterns of holographic foil as same technique as gold and silver foil
    Rainbow color gives special and gorgeous appearance
    Applying the holographic foil over raised ink layer as same as gold and silver foil with excellent in durability and light resistance

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  • Hologram Color Foil

    Hologram Color Foil

    Possible to create colored hologram to add one more process over the holographic foil

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  • Tears Color

    Tears Color

    Adding thick coating process of transparent resin over the holographic foil
    Creating unique brightness by reflected light of hologram and refraction of light in resin layer

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Other Specifications

Surface material is ink. Cost would be lower than powder type and metallic foil spec. Color designation in Pantone and DIC is available.

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