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Smart Transfer Decal

Smart Transfer Decal

OEM Production

Flows from inquiry to delivery


Please contact us via phone or email

Confirmation about decal specifications

Size, quantity, number of colors, raised effect part, design data, packing & delivery etc.

Submit the design/artwork data

If you don’t have the design data, we can trace the design on fee for service.


We will be able to provide the approximate estimation if you don’t have the design data.

Submit the finalized data

Order (Place an order for printing plates)

About 4 days

Plate making

When you don’t need to check the film proof

About 3 weeks

When you require the film proof for approval

Film proof is the directly printed transparent film sheet without adhesive coating to confirm the colors, raised effect, surface texture and finish.
It takes about one week after the finish of plate making. It takes 2 weeks when you need the proof with adhesive coating.

Final proof

Proceed to the mass production after we receive the final approval of film proof.

Order for mass production

About 3 weeks


It takes additional several days depending on number of plates, quantity and specifications.

※Please issue the purchase orders for printing plates and for mass production.
※We might not be able to make the film proof if you request for an urgent delivery date.

For OEM production

Smart Transfer Decal is manufactured by screen printing. Please read the followings when you request for OEM production.


There is no MOQ. Initial materials for approx. 10 sheets are necessary for economical and efficient production. Cost will be higher when the order less than 10 sheets.

※Effective printing sheet size is 620mm x 300mm.

Price of transfer decal

Price factors are quantity, number of colors, size and specifications of decoration.

Plate charge

Unit cost for mass printing is US$200.00 per plate.

Plate storage period is for 2 years from the last order.
We will charge again if a new order passes more than 2 years after the last order.

Details about printing plates
  • Bottommost layer must be clear color as a first plate and base layer.
  • Need additional plates for raised effect printing
  • We might need two different plates for special raised effect, even the same color printing.

Cost for tracing a design

This cost will occur if it is necessary to trace a design from image data or printout and the customer’s data needs major corrections. Cost is decided by the time that tracing work takes.

Cost for block copy

Usually plate charge includes this cost. However, additional block copy cost might be occurred if many different designs are layout on the one plate.

Proof cost

First proof is free of charge. It is charged from second time.

Film proof

After we receive the final design data, we create the film proof by using the actual printing plates.
Film proof is the directly printed transparent film sheet without adhesive coating to confirm the colors, raised effect, surface texture and finish.

Die-cut mold charge

Die-cut mold needs to create every size as a new one. Mold cost would be different depending on size.
※Price would be roughly $200-600 per piece.

Imposition & Margin size

Multiple designs layout on the same plate

Effective printing sheet size is 620mm x 300mm. If you make the decals (die-cut size 40mm x 40mm per piece), you can have the total 105 pieces from one sheet. You can layout not only same pattern but also different pattern or size within the same sheet.
However, the plates will be added if each pattern has different colors in the sheet.

Margin size

Each margin size (top, bottom, left and right) needs 2.5mm against the pattern.
For example, Decal ’s die-cut size 40mm x 40mm → Pattern max. size 35mm x 35mm

Packing type

Piece by piece

A sheet is die-cut by Thomson press die-cut machine into piece.

In sheet

Delivered in sheet, each decal is in alignment on sheet (size 636mm x 316mm)
Cost can be lower than other packing type.

Individual OPP plastic packing style

We will attach the decal to cardboard and pack inside OPP bag as the finished product.
Please let me know the cardboard size, printing spec, design, hole and other requirements.

Individual OPP plastic packing style

In-house application work

We will be able to apply the decal to the customer’s products. Please feel free to contact us.


Artwork Data

  • Please provide the artwork data in Adobe Illustrator (Ai data) format
  • Please outline all the drawing data such as thickness of the line, shape of the line, brush, mask, symbol, pattern, blend, envelope
  • Please do not use the gradation or transparent color and please select the Drawing Mode “Normal”
  • Please create the same colored object with the same color
  • Please outline font
  • In a four color separation process, please create the data only with four colors of CMYK colors
  • We cannot use the image data such as JPEG just pasted on Illustrator for printout data. Please trace the image data by Illustrator pass data. We can trace a design on fee for service.

Reproducibility of design

  • Possible to create the minimum line width is 0.1mm. Blank space between inks require the minimum 0.2mm width. Less than 0.2mm width, blank space might be filled by ink. Please be careful about this specially for logos or faces of characters.
  • A certain amount of printing area is required for raised effect. Making the raised effect might be difficult depending on pattern or thickness.
  • Please feel free to ask for design data if you have any questions

Please feel free to contact us about smart transfer decal

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