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  • About Transfer Decal:It is a high-grade transfer decal with our advance technology, you will never find it anywhere else.
  • Texture and brightness is unlike any other:Same as Japanese traditional craft technique, a decal has 3D textured and beautiful brightness with gold powder and metallic foils.
  • High functional decal:Excellent physical properties, flexibility, super strong adhesion
  • No one can imitate our decal:Only one high quality transfer decal
  • Apply to glass bottle or package and gives a more luxurious look :No need of water, heat and tooling. Apply at normal temperature

Smart Transfer Decal

Smart Transfer Decal is produced by OEM.Duplicate the customer’s design.

Our transfer decal is widely used by large-size companies
for product nameplate, nameplate, logo mark and more.
This is only one product with outstanding high quality,
any other can’t imitate.

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Differentiation by decoration

About Makie

Makie is the technique of Japanese lacquer craft works.
In the technique, pictures, patterns, or letters are drawn with Japanese lacquer on the surface of lacquerware, and metal powder such as gold or silver, is sprinkled before the lacquer dries to secure the design on the lacquer surface.

Toyo Label’s Makie Transfer Decal

We applied the traditional lacquer work technique to a modern way by using screen printing. Then we can produce the same patterns in large quantities. The process of sprinkle of metal powders is still done by the craftsmen’s handwork.

About Makie Transfer Decal

Video of how to apply the transfer sticker

Differentiation by decoration

Shine of Gold

Using the same traditional handwork technique to apply the metal powder on surface

Representing the more luxury decorativeness with gold brightness.

Shine of Gold
Beautiful finish like hand-drawing

Beautiful finish like hand-drawing

Easily transfer only a desired pattern

Decal is transferred only a desired pattern onto the substrate. You can get a beautiful finish appearance like direct printing or hand-drawing.

3D impression like beautiful relief

Raised effect printing technology

Ink thick layer is built up and 3D effect is formed by screen printing. Packaging with raised effect decoration becomes a unique product.

3D impression like beautiful relief.We can develop the custom nail art sticker with the nail salon.

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  • TEL: 81-748-58-5151 Office Hours: 9:00-17:00
  • Inquiry for companies